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3316 Route 112   MEDFORD, NEW YORK 11763         PH  631-345-6311
New York Shorinkan
All of us at the New York Shorinkan Karate Dojo, humbly appreciate your interest in our dojo and karate-do. If you have a true desire to learn, we welcome you to study with us in the true spirit of karate-do.
New York Shorinkan Karate is a traditional karate school. It is located on Long Island, in Medford NY, around 60 miles from New York City. The school has been successfully operating since 1990. The family oriented school is actively run and owned  by  Head Instructor Kyoshi Robert Rowley. Kyoshi Rowley has been a martial arts practitioner for over 25 years.
The system of karate that is taught in our dojo is Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Shorinkan Karate as developed hundreds of years ago in Shuri, Okinawa, Japan. In fact 80% of all karate systems in the world today are derived from Okinawan Shorin-Ryu karate. This classical and versitile system of karate uses hands, feet , and grappling for a well-rounded system of self-defense. Shorin-Ryu is a fighting system of karate with discovery of the student's true life potential as its primary goal. The Grand Master of Shorin-Ryu Shorinkan karate is Hanshi Shugoro Nakazato, 10th degree black belt. Nakazato Sensei resides in Naha City, Okinawa, Japan. Hanshi Nakazato has dedicated his life to karate-do for over 60 years. His exemplary personal knowledge and insistence upon "pure" karate is an inspiration to all true martial artists.
Our System of Karate
Our Philosophy
The instructors in our dojo are all CPR and AED (defibulator)  certified. Each of them is dedicated to teaching karate in the tradition of the old Okinawan masters. We view karate as an effective means of self-defense, but more importantly, as a philosophy in which to develop the body, mind, and spirit to their maximum potential. To us,  character development, mental and physical discipline and self-reliance is just as important as the development of fighting skills.
Robert Rowley Jr., Devon Rowley, Kyoshi Robert Rowley,
Reno Molina, Natalie Rowley, Lydia Cleere
Kyoshi Robert Rowley and Natalie Rowley
Hanshi Shugoro Nakazato (click picture above for video)
Shureimon (or Shurei no mon)
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Hanshi Shugoro Nakazato (click picture above for video)